About Responsive design

What is responsive web design and why do I need it

What is responsive design?

There are a lot of people who can say this a lot fancier than I can, but I see responsive design as followed: Responsive design is a technique to optimize a website for all types of devices and sizes. So the content (text, video's and images) and look and feel of your website will respond to and adjust itself to fit with the screen and device limitations of the device you are using. This can be done very subtle by, for example, making buttons on touch devices a bit bigger for the use of fingers or very extreme to completly changing the layout and interface of the website on a different device.

Why use responsive design?

This technique is a great way to make your website and content a bit more 'future proof'. I say a bit more, because we can't realy tell what the future might bring. However with the use of responsive design for your blog or website, your website can hold its own on many different devices and screensizes. It will work good on a slightly bigger future new iPhone model or even smaller en thinner future model tablet.

What do I need to do?

You don't have to do anything extra with one of my responsive Wordpress themes. The whole 'responsiveness' is handled in the design and code itself. This enables you to just add content to your site as you would normally do and the 80 Flavours theme will do the rest. The other good news is that you can just edit and maintain your content in one place instead of also maintaining a different mobile website. You can often easily test the responsiveness of a site by dragging your browser window smaller or wider. Try if for yourself: with our STREET theme

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Responsive theme for sports like skateboarding, BMX, and inline-skating.

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Responsive theme for sports like Formule1, stockcar, MotoGP, karting and more!

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Responsive theme for sailing and boating.